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116 Powell Rd,
Cummington , MA 01026

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Mon – Sat : 10:00AM – 5:00PM


JustinCredible Cultivation (JCC) is the first non-equity, Black-Owned, Woman owned cultivation in Massachusetts. With great tenacity and grand visions, JCC focuses on organic and high-quality growth. This gives our consumers a more home-grown based idea to a commercial cultivation facility.


The primary responsibility of the Cultivation Agent II is ensuring the health and integrity of all plants, and plant products throughout the facility. The success of each harvest is pivotal to the further success and growth of the team, so your position is essential! As a Cultivation Agent II you will be reporting to the Head Horticulturist and Cultivation Manager. We are looking for a motivated candidate who has experience with cannabis plants, or strong experience in other agricultural ventures, and understands how to make plants thrive. Other responsibilities include:

  • Identifying sex of plant

  • Pest management

  • Mixing nutrients

  • Cloning mother plants

  • Trim of dried product

  • Watering flower/veg rooms

  • Checking clones

  • Checking runoff of pH/PPM

  • Daily lighting and CO2 checks

  • Temperature and humidity control


  • Foundational knowledge is required for this position

  • Must have valid drivers license

  • Due to regulatory restrictions, the candidate must be age 21 or older

  • Must be able to comfortably lift 20 pounds

  • Must be comfortable climbing ladders up to 20 feet


116 Powell Road, Cummington, MA 01026

​Job Type: Probationary contract, then full time

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