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The C-Suite

Celebrating those who planted the seed for JustinCredible to grow. Meet the people who make it all happen.

100% Black Owned & Operated

We set out to defeat the stigmas of black cannabis and put power into the hands of those most affected by cannabis prohibition.

Reginald Stanfield II

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneurial spirit – Reginald Stanfield has shown a unique prowess in the field of business from start to finish. While pursuing his degree in Finance he took a leadership role at a medical tech firm. He was offered the position of CFO and while he found much value in the experience he decided to pivot to pursuit of life as an entrepreneur. Fresh from earning his degree he committed fully to entrepreneurship, founding 6 companies spanning multiple states and industries including audio visual, taxes, business consultation, and catering. Reginald’s audiovisual company bid and won contracts most notably for Ole Miss’ new basketball stadium as well as the Atlanta Falcon’s newly built Mercedes Benz Stadium, leading crews in both projects to meet tight deadlines. His most recent venture preceding JustinCredible was a bartending business that operated in 4 different states and employed 50+ bartenders. All personnel were trained with a program that he developed to guarantee his customers a premium experience and was accepted by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Reginald has consistently brought fresh ideas and originality to any venture he has embarked upon. 
From a young age he was hands on with family food crops culminating in 20+ years experience in growing healthy and sustainable plants. It was only natural that he funnel his expertise with agriculture and business into founding JustinCredible Cultivation. Taking this a step further, Reginald became an Executive Board Member of The Block, a chamber of commerce specifically focused on the development of minority owned cannabis businesses in Massachusetts.  Along with pushing JCC forward by leaps and bounds, in the last 2 years he has held this position he has given back my mentoring multiple up and coming entrepreneurs and been featured on panels at conventions such as NECANN, the Social Equity & Economic Empowerment Networking Session, the Southeastern Hemp & Medical Cannabis Convention and more. His consistent want to set the standard higher and create opportunities for others are among the reasons he is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JustinCredible where the motto is “It’s Not Credible, Unless It’s JustinCredible.”
Worked, lived and grew up on a farm - giving vital experience in horticulture
Strong believer in the importance of diversity in all aspects in business
A people person, focused on the long-term enrichment of others through education, training and support

Chétoia Walker

Chief Operating Officer

Several years of diverse experience in Entrepreneurship, Project Management, SDLC and Risk Management has given Che’toia a proven track record of success. Her ability to deliver high quality deliverables on time and within budget while maintaining successful stakeholder engagement is unparalleled. Furthermore, an in-depth understanding of business processes, functional specifications and the implementation of effective solutions helps Che’toia operate smoothly at all times. This drive creates an environment where efficiency, quality and user experience can be consistently improved while keeping an agile work environment. These reasons, without a doubt, are why Che’toia was a unanimous decision for JCC’s very own Chief Operating Officer.

Over 10 years of Information Technology Operations experience in the public and private sectors
Adamant about inclusion and gender equality within the workplace
A strong focus on philanthropy, outreach, and other altruistic endeavors

Jonathan Siberon

Chief Logistics Officer

Jonathan Siberon was born in Virginia to a military family. Through lessons from his upbringing in such a structured environment he took an early interest in organization, management and teamwork. After graduating from Virginia Wesleyan University with a B.S. in Management, Jonathan began his work as a Case Manager for individuals with intellectual disabilities. After improving the overall well-being and quality of life with all of his cases, he decided to pivot and utilize his skills to assist start-ups and medium sized businesses to streamline and improve. He would go on to successfully create and implement efficient management systems within businesses spanning multiple industries including staff management, bartending and consultation services. For the last 5 years, Jonathan has been studying cannabis cultivation and surrounding laws and regulations, utilizing his expertise to ensure smooth business operations within the cannabis industry. The culmination of his abilities to analyze all facets of a business paired with his application of practical knowledge leads to a better employee experience and improved compliance all around.

Over 6 years developing and implementing internal systems
A strong passion in providing quality products and quality services
Focused on helping people grow their skill-set