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Another well known cannabis compound is cannabidiol- or CBD. This is a non-psychoactive part of the plant that promotes relaxation both physically and mentally. It can be consumed without any of the euphoric or “high” effects you find in THC.

So why smoke it- some might be asking. Well- for a number of reasons. It is said to promote a calmer experience when consuming cannabis by taking the edge off of effects- and combines in part with THC and terpenes to make each strain’s experience unique. Consuming CBD by itself (both in edible form as well as in CBD dominant strains) is said to calm anxiety, reduce pain and give an overall sense of peace in the right amounts. It can even be applied directly to areas in lotions and other forms! 

One of the most important pieces that needs to be said in this post is:

Get your CBD from a dispensary! 

You will see a plethora of products popping up at gas stations, glass shops and more- but that is because CBD is federally legal. The issue is- these products are untested, untried, and could easily be faked if purchased from an untrustworthy vendor. If you truly want a CBD experience- go to your local dispensary and ask about CBD dominant cannabis and products. It will be well worth it if you come to love CBD afterwards!