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Welcome back! Hope you are JustIncredible! In our previous blog post we introduced THC, briefly explained its importance and introduced the phrase “THC Hunting.” As a reminder- THC Hunting is the act of searching for cannabis solely based on the THC content it tests at. It can be done by you or me at the dispensary, a retail store buying from growers or even by growers when picking seeds. In any (and at every)  point of the process there is the option to pick THC- and why wouldn’t you if that’s what the market is “looking for.”

Well…because that is not what cannabis lovers are looking for! THC is a part of a whole system of compounds that make cannabis beautiful. When people seek assistance from cannabis- whether that be to sleep, eat or relax, they are looking for certain terpenes and compounds expressed within the plant that can help in those regards.. Unfortunately- many do not know any of these terpenes and few are explained or advertised. You might know terms like: indica, hybrid or sativa- but not the many terpenes within each strain like myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene or pinene. 

So if THC Hunting is actively ignoring the terpenes that actually influence your cannabis experience- what can you do to learn more? I would personally recommend keeping track of your favorite strains- whether that be in a note file or on a piece of paper. Write down 3-5 strains, then look each up on websites like Leafly- or on the listed growers website if possible. Find the top 3-5 terpenes in each strain and look for comparisons between them. Next, look at what each terpene is described as doing- and see if it matches what you normally look for in cannabis. Finally- next time you grab cannabis, look (or ask about) terpenes before worrying about the THC! Find out what each strain does from the budtenders, or if they have consumed it themselves.

Come back and let me know if this method worked for you! Stay JustinCredible!