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We all love cannabis- but what do we as people love about cannabis specifically? What actual things make up cannabis and drive the experience we have come to know and love. In short, an entourage of things create your each and every cannabis experience! Yet the most well known compound, by far, is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is often recognized as the psychoactive part of the cannabis experience. This is your baseline compound for what “high” is! Pure THC has no smell, taste or flavor- meaning it is not what influences those parts of the experience. What you might not know is that THC ranges vastly from plant to plant, even of the same strain! The influence of growth methods, environment, care and much more can drastically change the THC content of a plant- which can alter your experience even when consuming an old favorite.

You might have seen a few of your favorite strains jump from the teens to twenties in THC- and as the industry grows, so will this number. Yet it is important to understand that higher THC does not mean a better experience or greater potency overall! Factors like terpene content, environment and each person’s preferences can make a low THC strain comparable to a high THC one if you’re looking for the right things. While it may seem beneficial or cost effective to buy only the highest testing strains- you often miss out on unique experiences and genetics only found in natural, balanced cannabis. The act of searching solely for THC is called “THC Hunting” and it’s something we will discuss in more detail in our next blog post!