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Remember in our first post when we mentioned that the cannabis experience is an entourage of different effects?

Well that is exactly what the experience is called: The Entourage Effect. 

This is when all the compounds you have learned about come together to make your cannabis experience. Much like a sports team or band- each and every player must do their part in order for the whole thing to come together. Something to also remember is that although there are star players- every single one matters in the long run. THC might be the household name but your favorite smells, tastes, flavors and experiences exist within every bit of the strain you’re consuming- not just the most well known one. 

Each time you try a new strain- think of the effects it has on you from start to finish. Are you more awake, tired, hungry, creative, etc- and list those in the notes you have been keeping. This will only further help build your understanding of cannabis- and provide a possible explanation for why certain combinations of compounds contact you differently. 

Stay tuned for our last post on this topic, a wrap up to a brief overview of cannabis preference and finding what makes your favorite strains- your favorite strains.