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The last post! Hopefully this information has been beneficial to your cannabis experience throughout, and you have learned a number of ways to improve your consumption through education. This will be more of an interactive post- so be ready to write things down (or at least think things out)

If you have been taking notes- bring them out, this is a great time to check in on your process. If this is your first time, no worries- this is basically a guide for how to take notes from now on. 

Don’t forget to read all the other posts though!

So- what are a few of your favorite strains? Hopefully a few names come to mind, as well as good memories. On the opposite side of the same coin- what didn’t you like? Remember to list the name, THC, CBD and top terpenes as well as how you felt before consuming your cannabis product (that’s a good baseline for any strain.)

In your favorite strains- are there any terpenes or numbers you see a lot? Pay attention to those! You might lean towards a light  limonene or need the lazy lull of linalool- either way check those terpenes. Also- reference a few online sources including the grower website, retailer website or more trusted information pages such as Leafly for other people’s experiences and reviews. It is even worth talking to your friends about it before, during and after consumption- you might all notice a lot more than you think!

You have your favorite strains, your most common compounds- and how each of them affect you. Now you really know your favorite strains! 

So what next? Look for more cannabis products that fit your preference! There are endless combinations and genetics to choose from- all with varying experiences from plant to plant and grow to grow. Apply this knowledge like a tool and use it to craft the best consumption experience you can.

We hope it is JustinCredible along the way!